January 13, 2010

Christmas in a nut shell 2009

Warning! Long post and lots of pictures!!
We had a fabulous Holiday season. Hayden was a blast and loved every moment of the Holiday. Noah mostly loved eating all the ribbon and paper. We had a very eventful month with all the holiday festivities from parties, to desert star, making our gingerbread houses, the premier of Alvin and the chipmunks the squekuel(Hayden was so excited) The kids in my family acting out the "Nativity", Christmas and New Years! Lots of fun and lots of pic! Enjoy!
Noah on Christmas morning
Hayden role playing with his new toys

The Grizzly game on New Years eve
Happy New Year

The Girls at lunch with Meg (love them!)

My Brother Steve at his 30th b-day party!

The boys with our Gingerbread house

The kids after spending a day with Grandpa Kenny

Hayden Loving the snow

Noah not liking (creepy) Santa

Hayden with Santa (creepy)
All the kids at the Nativity Night

Mary(kenz), Joseph (Hayden) & Baby Jesus (Noah

Hayden so excited about the Chipmunk movie

Our Family at Temple Square