November 20, 2008

Family PIctures

So, it seems like both times I am prego my mom has this great idea to get our family pictures done!! Gee Thanks, But I guess in light of my round face and big belly they turned out alright! Here are just a few they took. They did a wonderful job with a group of our size(18 1/2) is our count these days! Anyway, tell me what you think!!

For some reason these ones came in really small!! Sorry!

November 17, 2008

Kidney stones + Pregnancy = DEATH

So, last week I had a major scare!! I was having major pressure and contracting, I will save you many details! But, of course I couldnt get through to my dr. but, I was in serious pain. I finally had a nurse call me back(on Wednesday) and tell me to rush to labor and delivery and be checked! WHAT!! I am only 23.5 weeks!! Needless to say I was freakin out, I couldnt get a hold of Jon at work and I really wanted him to take me so all I could do was wait until he got home. We went into labor and delivery and they hooked me up checked the bade and he was fine, kickin away. But, I was having contractions after several not fun tests they decided I had a kidney stone. So, they sent me home and told me because I am prego all I can take for the pain is tylenol. By, friday I was feeling better but didnt think I passed it so I went and had an ultrasound in radialogy at the hospital and then to my doctor. He told me I passed it (Probably before I even went to labor and delivery!!) and I was doing fine! I was a little ticked that I had to go through all of this only for it to already be over but, at least I know the baby is fine and healthy! I was just afraid they would put me on bed rest which would totally suck with the holidays coming most especially "Black Friday"!

November 14, 2008

World's Biggest Slacker!

Sorry, I have had intentions of posting Halloween pics but have just been a huge slacker! Here is a pic of Hayden, he loved trick-or-treating and dragged jon all around the neighborhood.