May 22, 2009

6 Wonderful Years

Last Saturday (the 16th) we celebrated our 6 year anniversary!! I cant believe we have been married for 6 years. Time really flies. It was a great day, we got a babysitter and went and saw a movie(the small joys in life after children). We went to Ruth's dinner in emigration canyon, it was so fun we had dinner outside on the patio while a band played. then, we finished the evening walking around the gateway. It was so nice to just spend the day together. Even though both of our boys had ear infections, my wonderful in laws insisted we still go out. It is so fun to look back on our 6 years together and reflect on all we have done together and accomplished.... here are a few.

- Been able to travel.... California, Mexico, Hawaii, Disney World, Bahamas, Seattle

- Purchased a home

- Jon Graduated with his master's degree

- had two wonderful boys!!

these are just a few, I cant wait to see what the future has in store for us. I cant wait to grow old together. Jon, I love you very much and am so grateful you are my husband. Thanks for marrying me, being my best friend and eternal campanion. Here are some fun pics of our wedding day! Don't we look like babies?? oh yeah I was only 18 well almost 19!!

May 17, 2009

Noah's Big Day

On May 3 we blessed Noah, it was such a special day. Jon did such a great job with the blessing. We are so thankful for all our wonderful friends and family that came to support us on this wonderful day. I am also so lucky to be a mom to Noah, he is such an amazing spirit. He has brought such new joy to my life. I was so worried that I wouldnt be able to love another baby the way I do Hayden, but it comes so natural and easy to love him. I love just holding him and marveling at what a miracle it truly is to be a mother and to know he was so recently in heavenly father's arms. Sorry, to get all mushy but I am just so grateful to be a mommy to two awesome boys!!! Here are some pics!

May 14, 2009

Where Do I Begin??

I Know a few weeks ago I promised a post but have been a huge slacker!! So much has happened in the last month but, life has been so crazy! I am finding that the adjustment to two children is not as difficult as the first. However, I am also learning that I have no time!!! Between chasing Hayden around and feeding the babe I feel like I look at the clock and the day is gone!! Time is already going by so fast. So much has been happening so bear with me while I try and update my blog with all that has been happening the last month and a half!