July 22, 2008

Camping, well sort of

This weekend we went camping overnight in Big Cottonwood canyon. Jon's work had it's summer work party there. Who goes camping for a work party? anyway, it turned out being really fun! Hayden loved playing in the dirt, after about 5 minutes he was completly covered. For some reason he kept putting rocks on his head! Wierdo! It was great they had really good food and for the kids they brought a pinata, Hayden wasn't to sure about it, he kept looking at me like are you sure that I can hit this? He was confused because I always tell him he can only hit balls. Anyway it was really fun to take hayden, he was scared to death of the cipmunks and would run and scream everytime he saw one. It was really funny. We found out how much Hayden talks/cries in his sleep and he wiggles like crazy, but after a rough night of sleep I was ready to pack up and head home in the morning.


Sorry, I have been such a slacker about updating our blog. But, a few weeks ago we went to lagoon. Hayden loved it! He could have rode the cars and the boats all day long. It wasn't busy at all so we walked on almost all the rides(well in kiddie land anyway). Jon, took zach, kenz, riley and brennan on all the big kid rides while I hung out with Hayden! Thanks Hun! Anyway, we had a great day! We heart Harmons Day, all the drinks and food for way cheap! Anyway, here are some pictures!

July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

I love the fourth of July! This year was so fun with Hayden. On thursday night we took him to the West Jordan Stampede rodeo and he loved it! He didn't move a muscle the entire time. When it was over he kept asking to do it again. On friday morning we went to the parade and then a bbq in the evening. My sister's neighborhood has a big party with all sorts of blow up slides and Hayden loved playing in the water all evening. By 10 pm we were all pooped, so we watched a few fireworks than came home! But it was a great day, here are so pics! Enjoy!