September 18, 2008

IT"S A BOY!!!!

Just a quick post, but we went to the ultrasound yesterday and it is a BOY!!! I was truely shocked because I thought for sure it was a girl! But, we are so excited because he is healthy and everything looks good so far! He was certainly proud to be a boy, so watch out because two Hedman boys! GULP!!

September 12, 2008


So I am haivng my ultrasound next Wednesday! My friend in my ward is a ultrasound tech, and said she can tell us next week! I am excited and nervous! Hurry and get your votes in we only have a few more days! GUlP!

September 9, 2008


On Wednesday we went to Seattle, we went to watch the BYU game and the Yankees game(they were playing the Mariners). We went with Jon's family, we rented a suburban so we could all ride together which was definatly a help with Hayden for the 13.5 hour drive, with a little help from the DVD player he did really well. We drove all day wednesday and got there wednesday night. On Thursday morning we went to the Chittem Locks which connect the boats from Puget Sound to Lake Washington, it was neat to watch and Hayden loved the boats. They also have a Salmon hatchery, where you can go underground and see the fish in the water. Hayden loved seeing all the huge salmon!

Thursday afternoon we went to the Seattle Center, which is where the Space Needle is. It was a beautiful day and super clear so the view was amazing on top. Hayden loved riding the fast elevator to the top! After we took the monorail downtown and walked around for a little while. We took a bus that was underground, it was kind of freaky but cool. Jon loved all the means of transportation and was bound to have us try all of them! After we took the monorail back to the city center and went to the Sci-Fi museum and the Music Museum. Jon was in heaven and Hayden saw all the guitars and kept saying "I want to play guitar hero" we have him brainwashed!

On Friday we had a busy day, we packed in as many activities as we could because the trip was so short. We went to the museum of flight, Pike's Place market, the Aquarium and harbor tour and last but not least the baseball game!

We took Hayden to the aquarium on the bay and he loved it! He really loved the sea lions, he sat and watched them swim forever, he was laughing hysterically at them playing!

We went on a harbor cruise on Puget Sound, it was fun to hear facts about the city and see a better view of the skyline. Hayden loved being on the big boat, except when he kept trying to throw his toy whale into the water.

We went to the Boeing Museum of flight, it had full size airplanes and hands on planes. Hayden thought it was so cool to sit in the airplanes and push all the buttons!

On Friday night we went to the Mariner vs. Yankees game! I had never been to a MLB game so it was a blast. The stadium was huge and we had really good seats!(Thanks steve) Hayden really didnt move a muscle, unfortunatly the Yankees lost (blow out). But, we still had a lot of fun!

On Saturday we went to the football game! It was a nail bitter, but the ending was awesome! I love pac 10 refs! Anyway, it was awesome and we were among thousands of BYU fans which was awesome! Hayden obviously was pooped by the end! But, he loved cheering and singing the fight song, again we have him brainwashed! The only downer was it took us 2 hours to get to the freeway from our car! I will never complain about traffic at LaVell again! Go COUGS!!

Sorry, this is such a long post! But, I hope you enjoy!

September 8, 2008


I know it has been a long time since I have posted! Life has just been crazy school started again and pregnacy has been rough but, I am finally feeling a little better. Anyway, a few weeks ago we went camping with my family. We went to Fish Lake, those of you that know me well know how much I LOVE camping(yeah, I really HATE it) But, it ended up being a lot of fun. We rode four wheelers, went to the lake and just hung out! It really was a lot of fun, Hayden loved it and was so dirty when we got home. Here are a few pics, I tried not to take too many cause I looked real good camping!