January 21, 2012

3 Months old!

Where does time go? I cant believe it's already been 3 months! We love this little lady. She is so smiley and happy. She LOVES her Daddy, the minute he walks in the room, talks to her or even holds her she is smiley, giggling or babbling to him. It has been so sweet to watch their relationship. The boys adore her and mommy loves all the fun clothes, boots and headbands.
Her first big girl bath. Yes, I know... I have been bathing her in the sink!
Her first time in her bumbo... She is still not really sturdy with her head.
I think we might have to wait a little while for this one.
My Smiley lil gal! Wow, her feet look really big in this picture!

Principal's Pride

On January 12, 2012 Hayden was awarded the the "Principal's Pride Award". I am new at this Elementary School thing but, I guess each month the teacher's pick someone in the class that is setting a good example to the other students, and Hayden got chosen this month. He was so cute and a little nervous to have to stand in front of the whole school. He looked so small compared to the other kids. I am so proud of him, and all he has been learning in Kindergarten. We love you Hayden! Keep up the good work!

Bear River Lodge

The first weekend in Jauary my Dad(Kenny) took us to the Bear River Lodge for some snowmobiling. We stayed in an amazing 5 bedroom cabin. The kids love playing, sledding, hot tubing and watching movies together. The adults had a blast watching football, playing games, eating and of course snowmobiling. It was our second year going and we sure hope it is a yearly tradition. It is so fun being with my brothers and sisters and jsut relaxing. The highlight of the weekend? Bronson giving Noah his old Game Boy and Uncle Clayton giving Hayden his old Ninetendo DS. We are so lucky to have such a great family!
Doesn't he look so cute?
So Pretty
The Gang
Dad Getting all geared up to go
Me and Jon
Cougar print... Gulp!
Doesn't he look HOTT!
Evelyn & Stella= BFF's (they are 3 weeks apart)
Just Hanging out
Here's just a funny one of Noah... Love this kid!

January 18, 2012

80th Birthday

Jon's sweet Grandmother turned 80 is year. So on January 7, 2011 we had a great brithday party for her. Bonnie planned it and made an adorable picture montage of her life. It was so fun to see how much she has seen in the 80 years of her life. I hope I can be a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother like her! We love you Grandmda! (excuse the great photography skills, hayden had my camera!)

January 16, 2012

Here it is....

Memorial Day Weekend
We went to Primm Nevada this year. Oh yeah! It is past Las Vegas(right on the border of California and Nevada for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.) We stayed at Buffalo Bill's. It works nice cause the outlet mall is right across the street. However, this year the weather was pretty chili. The boys didn't even step foot in the unheated buffalo shaped pool (way to cold). The big boys golf and the girls shop and the kids play at the arcade. One day we went into Vegas and went to the Coca-Cola factory and M&M factory. The highlight of the weekend... Jon building a huge fort in our room out of blankets. We Heart Primm!

July was busy. We went to lots of parades, saw lots of fireworks, went to see Rider's in the sky, celebrated my 27Th Birthday and spent one long day at lagoon(please ignore the large tummy). Fun!

Over the 24th of July we went to Yellowstone with Jon's family. We stayed in a cabin (which was probably the highlight of the trip for the boys. They loved staying in the "Cabin House"). We went to the park everyday and in the evening walked around West Yellowstone. We went to a play one night, we saw "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat". The boys loved it and much to my surprise sat through the whole thing. They love spending time with Grammy, Grandpa, Jenner and Anna!

August was hot... We wrapped up our summer with Jon's summer work party at the zoo. Hayden started kindergarten. He loves it and is so big (I hate it). We had a staycation over labor day weekend. We went to the lake and went swimming, went to Swiss days, went for a picnic in the mountains and just spent the weekend together. I love when we get to spend days off together!

September was long... I was huge and so so swollen. My feet and hands were huge. Yes, I even had to go and have my wedding ring cut off! What?? I really cant believe I am posting pictures of my feet. We started out the month with Hayden doing a "fun run" at school. It was a blast, he loved it but was a little mad cause all the other mom's could run if they wanted and needless to say this mom opted out! We went to a few football games but, near the end of the month I had to even give those up. My Sis and I went to the Taylor Swift concert! Loved it! So, fun the picture of my feet was taken during the concert. I think we almost peed our pants from laughing so hard at how big they swelled up. My mom and sister's gave me a baby shower and I got tons of cute stuff. I seriously have the best friends and family ever. My niece Evelyn Erekson was also born September 22,2011. Crazy month!

I Can't believe I am posting some of these pictures but, what can I say... I was huge. Whatever! So worth it. Whose ready for a baby story? If you don't want to read just scroll down to the pictures. But, I guess I better document it somewhere.
October 10, 2011
I was having lots of contractions and thought fore sure it was labor. Me and my Sis went and walked around the mall for a while and they were coming about 5 minutes apart. However, by the time I got home... NOTHING! BOO! I was having awful pains in my back and thought that was just part of back labor. That night we had tickets to Desert Star with Jon's family. We went but, I started having contractions again and the back pain was awful. By the time I got home the contractions had stopped again... BOO!
October 11, 2011
However, by the next morning the pain was unbearable. My sister called me and "said I am coming to get you and am taking you to labor and delivery. I hesitated but said OK. We went and after a few tests and three hours of being monitored it was confirmed... Kidney Stone! BOO! So, after a shot of morphine(which made me crazy as a loon. I was sent home. They told me if they had room they would have kept me but, of course it was a busy day and didn't have enough nurses working. BOO! So, I went home and went straight to bed (hello morphine). Oh, I forgot to mention I was already scheduled to be induced on Thursday.
October 12, 2011
Wednesday, during the day I was feeling fine (still the morphine). However, around 3:00 pm. It hit me. Back pain. We had already told Hayden we would take him to his school carnival so, I braved it and took him. We went to dinner and than took the boys over to Bonnie's house (mother in law). When we got there I was in a lot of pain, so Jon and his Dad gave me a blessing. We said good bye to the boys and left. By the time we got home I was in crazy pain. I tried everything to get comfortable, took a bath, read, heat pad... No Luck! Boo! So after much negotiating on Jon's part he took me to the hospital. When I got there I told them I was scheduled to be induced in the morning and I was in pain but, not really from labor more so from my kidney stones. They monitored me for awhile, gave me more morphine and finally decided to keep me. It was like 11:30 pm at this point. Gee Thanks! So, they moved me down to labor and delivery. Yay! I was patiently waiting for the morphine to kick however, this time no such luck! It didn't even touch the pain I was in. BOO!
October 13, 2011
My labor was slow, I was having contractions but they were mostly concerned about the back pain. Of course they told me my doctor wasn't on call and they wouldn't be able to get ahold of him until the morning so to try and get rest... Yeah right. Let me just say this was probably the longest worst night of my life. They kept giving me morphine when they could but, like I said it didn't even touch the pain I was in. Finally at 6 am they said they called my doctor and got the go ahead to give me my epidural. Wahoo! By the time I actually got it, it was about 8:00 am. After that kicked it I felt great and was able to rest for a little while. Of course my doctor was delivering another baby at a different hospital so he was supposed to come right after. He didn't get to the hospital until about 1:00 pm. He came in and broke my water at about 1:10. After he left I told the nurse to keep an eye on me because once my labor gets going it goes fast. She said ok, but it will still be awhile. I paged her about 5 minutes later and told her I felt alot of pressure so, she kind of rolled her eyes and checked me anyway. Well, much to her surprise she realized I was dilated to a 10 and ready to go. She paged the Dr which was shocked because he just broke my water. After, that it was just chaos. It all went way too fast. I do remember during the last push I asked the doctor "Is it a girl?" His response was give me one more good push and we will know. Estella Jewel Hedman was born on October 13, 2011 at 1:25 pm.
October was CRAZY! We had lots of fun activities. The boys were a blast this year at Halloween. Noah loved the whole concept of Halloween... Walking around and getting CaNdY! Hayden has always loved Halloween. He loves dressing up! Hayden was a ninja, Noah was Luke Skywalker and Stella was a lil Pumpkin. The rest of the month was spent doing crafts with Aunt Anna, making Carmel apples with Grammy and having a Halloween party and Grandma Debbie's with all the cousins. Hayden was awesome at bobbing for apples.

Yes, in case you were wondering I did have a birth announcement for little Stella. Did I ever mail them out? Nope. I did hand out a few to family members if I saw you, other than that I am sorry! I had them all printed up and everything. My bad! But, if I missed you here it is. Enjoy!

November was a crazy month adjusting to having three children. It was mostly spent hanging out watching football and relaxing. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, we went to my Mom's first than over to the Hedman's for desert. I got to take Stella shopping with me on Black Friday and she did great. We were gone for 14 hours and she handled it like a champ (that's my girl). We had a big snowstorm in the first of the month and Kenzie went out and played with the boys and helped them make a snowman. They sure love Aunt Kenzie!

On December 4, 2011 we Blessed our precious little Stella. We have loved having this is gal in our family. She is such a good little baby. Her brothers adore her and she pretty much already has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. I love being a mother to her and love watching the boys with her. She is so lucky to have such great brothers. Our little family is growing and is completely crazy but, I LOVE it! It was such a special day spent with our family and wonderful friends. Thank all of you that always support us! Your the Best!

Since we had such a mild December this year we decided to bundle up the Children and ride trax downtown to see the lights. Noah loved riding the train! Hayden loved being with his cousins and Stella loved being bundled up in the stroller.

For as long as I can remember my Mom's side of the family has had a Santa party where Santa comes to the house and gives all the kids a little present. This year my mom hosted it at her house. Noah was completely freaked out that Santa was coming to Grandma's and when Santa arrived Noah was holding onto Jon for dear life. So, when it came his time to sit on his lap of course Mommy got to join him. But, there were a lot less tears than I was expecting. Hayden was so confused by the fact that Santa was at Grandma's and not the North Pole getting ready for Christmas. But, we had a blast. Oh, and Noah even caught one of Santa's Reindeer and tried to ride him home.

We took all the kids to the mall to see Santa. Noah is completely terrified of Santa. But, when we finally made it through the long line and got to him he was pretty calm (surprise!). However, he refused to sit on his lap or talk to him. But, he did give us a really cheesy smile. yay! So Cute!

For about 7 years now my family and the Hedman's get together the Monday before Christmas for our annual Nativity. It is such a fun tradition and the kids love dressing up and acting out the story. This year Stella was baby Jesus. Noah was a sheep and Hayden was a wise man. It is such a great night to kick off the week and help the kids remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
On Christmas Eve this year we did the normal tradition. We went and had dinner with the Hedman's before meeting my family for a movie. This year we went and saw "We bought a zoo". Geez what a tear jerker. Hayden was so fun and excited for Christmas this year. Noah wasn't so sure with his fear of Santa. I think he thought that Santa was actually going to be at our house in the morning. However, after the movie we came home and opened our new Christmas Jammie's, put out cookies and milk for Santa and we even left M&M's for the reindeer. Stella of course just slept. But, she was awake long enough for me to get a picture of her in her "Santa" dress Grandma Debbie bought her. So Fun!
Ok, So I am probable the WORST mom ever!!! I went to do a page on Christmas and guess what?? You guessed it... I didn't even take any picture! I am so mad... I took some video's of Christmas morning but after that zippo. I guess It was just too hectic of a day! My bad.
New Year's Eve this year was very laid back (with three children). We meet my parents at China Chef's for some yummy Chinese Food and then took the boys to Boondock's. They loved playing all the games and winning lots of tickets. We then came home and played games and watched the ball drop at midnight... Ha ha yeah right like we let them stay up til midnight. We watched it on the Spanish channel (live). It's kind of sad cause they really thought it was midnight. Noah loved the horns and poppers Hayden loved drinking apple cider out of our "nice" glasses. It was just a fun low key evening and of course Stella just slept. Happy New Year!

January 11, 2012


Just a little update so people wont give up on me just yet... I have done the 2011 wrap up post up Through October. Yay! Only two more months to go. Maybe by Friday I will be done and it will be posted??

January 6, 2012

It's My Year

I recently went to a Christmas party with all of my favorite B.F.F's, and I'll tell you what I have the best freinds in the whole world! However, did I get an ear full of how dissapointed they were in me that I NEVER update my blog. I know it's very true and I have no real good excuse besides laziness and I feel like I am so behind that i'm not sure where to begin. My friend Erika said "Kas it's your year for the blog!" I even believe the rest of girls started chanting that it's my year! LOL!Cheesy, I know but with only one reminder facebook message I am ready for it to "Be my year!" I can do it! LOL. Anyway, I was given the advice to just start new with this year and it will be ok. At first I liked this idea but, the more I thought about that I realized I cant do it. My reason is because 2011 was a fantastic year for my little family! I would feel awful not taking the time to blog about it. So, here goes! Granted it might take me a few days and a few post to accomplish this so be patient! It's My Year!