February 4, 2010

We are doomed

Just a quick post.... Noah is crawling! This month has been crazy for him. In one month he got 6 teeth(that has been fun) Learned to army scoot which turned into crawling. He learned to go up the stairs (who knew?) not me hence him falling down the stairs, how many?? I have no idea, I just found him at the bottom all mangeled! Yes, he survived without any major scratches! Now he pulls himself up to EVERYTHING and he thinks he can stand on his own. I am sure this is normal. But, Hayden didnt do anything tell he learned to walk not even roll so, this is all new to me. I just wanted to brag about him for a minute. I feel sometimes since he is the second child and second boy he is in the limelight a little. But, I just wanted to tell you how special he is to us and what a joy his sweet smile and easy going attitude mean to us! Love you Noah!