September 14, 2011

Do you remember us?

2011 Part one

I Know, I know I am the worlds biggest slacker. I am finally getting around to my deserted blog. But, with work, pregnancy and having a crazy life I feel like time has flown by. I know January is at the bottom so, just scroll down and start there. I will try and do May through September tomorrow. Enjoy!


Was a crazy month for us... We has Easter, Soccer season and Hayden's birthday. Oh and we also got a new car (my mom car) unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that yet.


Herriman City Easter egg hunt
Eater Egg hunt at Grandma's
Hayden found the "golden" 10 dollar egg!
So cute in their Easter outfits
Hayden played soccer this year. It was extra cute cause Jon was the coach. It was hilarious to watch all the kids running around. Doesn't he look cute?

Hayden's Birthday
My baby is five! Crazy. This year he was really into Harry Potter so he got all things harry potter (those of you who know me and Jon know we do not approve of this stage!) Thanks, Aunt Jenner. But, Hayden is such a joy. He is such an imaginative little boy the loves to be the center of attention. He loves to sing and role play. He is so smart and such a good brother to Noah. He loves to play video games with daddy and spend time with his cousins, aunts and grandparents!
Uncle Clayton and Elise made him a harry potter wand and invisibility cloak
Aunt Anna made him a cupcake cake that was a Harry Potter broom
Cant believe he's five!
My baby turned 2! He loves yo gabba gabba so aunt Jenner made him the best cake ever. He is such an angel boy. He is so sweet and seriously melts my heart. He loves to be with Hayden (Bubba) He is his little shadow and parrot. He repeats everything Hayden says. He has a huge vocabulary and is such a joy!
We redecorated my living room. (Note the first picture is before the blinds and drapes were up!) We even got a much needed new couch! yay!
My dad took us snowmobiling and we stayed in a huge cabin. It was a blast to be with my siblings and the kids loved being together!