January 7, 2011

Hedman who?

I Know I am such a slacker. Well, since the last post was back in May I decided I better update. Finally! Warning, this is a long post. So, pretty much this is quick update on where and what we have been doing for the last 7 months! I know December is still missing. I am not that on top of blogging! Enjoy!(if anyone even reads my blog anymore, I am pretty sure everyone has given up on me!)

This was the first snow fall of the season and Hayden was dying to go play in it. Noah wasn't so sure at first and of course he had to sample the snow. He kept saying "Yummy, ice cream". Of course we had a great Thanksgiving. I love seeing both our families and of course Black Friday was a success this year!

We had a busy month. We finally got our Family pictures taken, went to the pumpkins patch and of course all the Halloween festivities. Hayden loves Halloween! He was so excited to be a vampire this year. Little Noah was a scary pirate. He even learned to say "RRRR Matey..." So Fun!

Hayden started preschool again! yay! We took the boys to a BYU game in Logan. Bad game but the boys loved it! Rough September for the Cougs but they pulled through in the end!

We went camping with my Family! You all know how much I LOVE camping.... But, it actually turned out to be tolerable. Except for the bugs and sleeping in a tent and the cold... Oh, and all the mud. See how much I love it! The boys had a blast though!

Was busy with swimming lessons, trips to the Herriman lake, Parades and fun!

We moved into our new home! We love it! Being out on our own again and decorating! Here is the only picture I have of the outside. But, since this we have completed our front yard...Remember how I said our next house will be fully landscaped. Well guess what?? This one isn't! Of course!