March 19, 2012

3 Years old

Noah's 3 year old Stats:

Weight: 28 lbs- 10%
(you finally made it on the charts!)

Height: 35 inches -10%

Fav Color: Blue (of course)

Food: McDonald's/Watermelon Gum

Show: Pingu (claymation on netflix)

Interests: Mario, Nintendo DS, Ipod/phones and playing with Ha

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Little Noah

March 12th was Noah's 3rd Birthday! I cant believe he is 3! He was so fun this year. In the morning we set a birthday trap on his and he was so excited to break through it. We had such a fun day! We seriously think the world of you Noah... You are my little snuggle bug. You love Hayden and copy Everything he does! You are amazing at all things electronic... especially IPODS and Phones! You are so funny and definatly have a mind of your own. You love to be at home and just hang out. We love you and our so glad you are our little guy!
Birthday Trap

Party! We told him we could go anywhere he wanted...McDonald's

My Angel Boy!

My Birthday Boys!

We Have had a busy week of Birthdays! On March 10 th we celebrated Jon's Birthday.  We spent the Friday night before on a date with his best buddies and thier wives.  So Fun! We are so lucky to have such great friends.  My tummy seriuosly hurt after from laughing so hard.  On his Birthday we went to dinner just the two of us and then went and saw John Carter of Mars.  Jon read the books when he was little and loved it... I actually did too! Much to my surprise.  On Sunday we went to the Hedman's for dinner and Bonnie made Jon's favorite dinner... Corn beef and Cabbage! Followed by cake and ice cream for the two birthday boys! What a great Mom/Grandma!  I love you babe thanks for being my BFF! Your the best!
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March 1, 2012

Girls Weekend

The end of February we went to Vegas for a Girl's Weekend/Cheer competition. It was so nice to get away and enjoy a little sun. We spent alot of time at the Competition... Kenzie did awesome! But, we also spent alot of time shopping. Stella was so so good. She loved being in her big girl stroller. She was such a great little traveler. On the way down to Vegas my mom made a comment... She said "oh all of us are with our girls"... Tear! I loved going on my first of hopefully many girl trips with my very own daughter. I love you Stella! I love my momma and my sissys' too! Great time!
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