July 8, 2010


So since the last post before my short one yesterday was in December. I decided to do a quick recap of 2010. We have had a whirlwind year. Here are just a few highlight from the year...

Jon found a job!

He is going to kill me for posting this pic but I love it!!


Hayden had eye surgery to correct his extropia or lazy eye! Poor little fella!


Jon turned 30 and Noah turned 1!!


We went to Disneyland with my Mom and Kenzie and Hayden turned 4!!

We bought a house and spent a LOT of time painting....We also went on a "vacation" to Primm (Nevada) Dont ask???

July 7, 2010

Dead or Alive??

I am sure several of you are asking yourself this question? Yes we are still alive. It has just been about 6 months since we have had a computer of our own! So, now I can finally do a post. Not that people still even check our blog. But, whatever for those few of you that havent given up on us here is a short update. We are alive... We bought a house in Herriman. I went back to work part time in the mornings until noon. The boys are getting so big and our life is finally starting to get back to normal (whatever that it??) Jon is enjoying his new job though still on the hunt for a job in his field. Noah is a maniac... He is into everything, walking and causing Hayden trouble. He is so fun. He loves balls, books and sticks??(wonder where he got that?) He is a little peanut. Only in the 1% for this weight so the doctor has prescribed him a very fatty diet(what a rough life??) so, we are trying to fatten him up but who knows?? Hayden, is getting big and has fit right in to being 4!! What a nightmare and I was hoping he would get easier but not so much! Does it ever get easier?? Who knows? Anyway, we are doing good, love our new house and our so thankful for what this crazy year brought us! It was a major challenge and we sure learned alot and hope that we might now be on the right track but we will see. Anyway I will post some pics of us later. But as for now I will leave you with a few!