December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving and the rest of the month

New Moon Premier (I know I am such a nerd)

Fun bus home from Wendover!!

Best game ever!!

My Little Santa Baby

I know I am the queen of slacking! I have no excuse besides I am just a huge slacker. We have had a very eventful month. We spent Thanksgiving with both the fams (yes two dinners) and had a wonderful time. My mom bought Noah a Santa suit and I couldnt wait to put it on him (pics will be posted). And of course I had another very successful "Black Friday" Shopping day. We went to the midnight showing of "New Moon" and I loved it, I heart jacob (movie version). Rode the Fun bus to Wendover with some friends won a hundred bucks and got to play in a slot machine tournament (who knew they had tournaments, not me) Oh, and I almost forgot had an awesome time at the BYU vs. Utah game!! Talk about a heart attack. I started a new job (well actually an old job) My old boss from House of Drapery called and said he needed some help in the mornings, so now I work nine to one. Wow, I hope I can handle it right?? So, other than that we have stayed busy preping for Christmas, Hayden is almost as excited as I am.... Enjoy some pics from the last month