February 27, 2009

Best Friends in the whole world!!!

The two Prego's

Ers, laura, me and baby Logan

The sister-in-laws
it's all about marrying your best friends brother!!!

Meg and Manda

The gnag!! Why do I always have to be on the end!!
Thanks chad for being the photographer!

I seriously have the best friends ever!! We have been friends since preschool! I love them so much and am so thankful for them. Last night they gave me a little shower, it was so great to get together and chat and laugh! I am so grateful for them and hope we can forever remain best friends!! I love you girls so much! Thanks again! I love all the diapers!

February 24, 2009

My latest project

My poor, poor husband!!! I wanted a new cradle for the babe. Well, where do you turn when you are cheap, yep thats right KSL!!! I found this perfect cradle the price was great, I loved the style but the color was wrong!!! So, I bought it and made the decision that Jon could refinish it for me. So, he painted black to match our room than, I remembered that you have to bumper pads and bedding. So, after much internet shopping I decided that I can make my own bedding to match our bedroom. So, here is the finished product!! I love being prego it actually motivates me to get projects done!!!

Parties & 38 weeks Pregnant

Wow, what a busy month!! We have so many birthday's in my family in February but on friday night we had a party for my nephew at my mom's house. Hayden loved playing pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and singing "Happy Birthday" I can't believe I am posting them but, when I was prego with Hyaden I didnt take any pics so, I promised I would with this pregnancy no matter what.... Anyway here are so pics of the party and my 38 week photo!! Gulp!!

Front and side profile!! who knew you got pregnant in your face???

Hayden Loves his "Auntie"

Scottie unsure of all the attention

My two adorable nieces!!

The Gang playing musical chairs

Hayden playing Pin the tail on the donkey

Me trying to help the kids!!!

February 17, 2009

Little Brother's Room

We had a very busy weekend, and I guess we are at a point with the nursery that I can post a few pics. It was hard to get some good pics because the room is a little small but, hopefully you get the idea. The room is almost done it is just missing some accessories! As you can see we decided on a name, now all we are missing is Little Brother!!

His Name!!

Cube Organizers

Didn't Jon do a wonderful job at recovering our crib after the "Staining" Incident??

Finished Product!!!

February 4, 2009

January Slump

I know, I havent posted for a long time but I am waiting for something exciting to happen!!! January was kind of a bore. With the cold weather, me being 8 months prego I really have no ambition to do much (sorry, Hayden) Luckily he is perfectly content staying home. But, I was able to find my camera so that is exciting however, I havent taken any pics in a while! I know, I am lame. We have been preparing for the baby to come, over christmas break Jon spent almost every day working on the nursery. Of course I wouldn't let him get away with just a can of paint. Pics will be coming.... MAYBE. Than of course jon brought up the crib from the basement and I got this "fabulous" idea to stain the crib a darker shade!! DISASTER!! Now, we have opted to have to just paint it. But, we will see how long this project will take us.
Hayden has been so confused since we cleaned out the nursery and painted. He keeps asking me when "Little Brother" will be here. Everytime the doorbell rings he asks me if it is little brother? (Yea, I wish it was that easy) We went to a party a few weeks ago and I was naming all the kids that would be there and he said "Will Little Brother be there?" and last of all I think he had a dream about him the other night because when he woke up and ran to the living room and asked, "Where is little brother?" I told him he isnt here yet, and he started crying and said "yes he is" and ran into our bedroom and bath and was looking for him. Maybe the veil is thinner than we think!
Other than that I am feeling well, just started to get very uncomfortable. I went to the dr. yesterday and I was supposed to get checked because I will be 35 weeks on thursday. Well, my appt. was on tuesday this week and they wouldnt check me because I have to be 35 weeks and I am only 34 weeks and 5 days!! LAME! I was ticked, but oh well I guess I will know more next week when I go!
Anyway, kind of a random post. But I am still alive and doing well, just counting down the days for little brother!!