May 30, 2008

We had a "Dam" good Memorial Day!

Every Year for Memorial Day my family goes to Mesquite for the weekend. Usually it is so hot and warm we can lay out by the pool, not this year. It was probably 75 degrees the entire weekend. So, on Saturday we went to Vegas and decided to go to the Hoover Dam. It was a lot of fun and trust me there were a lot of "Dam" jokes taking place (mostly by Zach, Phil and Kelly). Right when you walk in they take your picture so, of course I had to get it. Dont worry we are not really standing by the dam!! It was great being with the fam and just hanging out. However, we are excited to finally be home for a while. We have had a busy month! Sorry, I would post more pics but, you know me I lost my camera on the first day and couldn't find it until the last day! Way to go Kass!

May 28, 2008

Craziest Thing we have ever done!!

Jon and I went to the Bahamas a few weeks ago and did the craziest thing... We snorkeled with sharks! We both love sharks and when we went to Hawaii we did an excursion with sharks but we were in a cage. So, when I heard of this excursion I knew we had to do it. They take you snorkeling to 3 places off the coast. The first stop was a reef and the sharks were really cool, the second stop was at the place they filmed Jaws with the sunken airplane but, at the third stop they stop the boat and sharks are just circling the boat. They throw a bait box down about 10 feet and then a rope and tell you to hold on to the rope and jump in. I was freaked out. We were in the back of the boat and they only gave you one chance to get in. So, I went for it. I jumped in the water and probably 15-20 5 ft sharks were circling us. I went into shock!! But, it was the coolest thing I have ever done, I still dont know how I did it but, it was amazing!! Here are some pics of how close we were to the sharks! Oh, and please ignore all the pics of my bum!

May 21, 2008


I want to brag a little about my little buddy! Hayden is our pride and joy. He brings such joy to our lives and is so fun. He is getting so big! It seems like he grew up so much in the week we were gone. He is talking like crazy and is so funny. He turned 2 in April and he loved blowing the candles out on his Birthday cake.
He loves Go Diego Go and listening to the Tarzan soundtrack(In the car, thanks Jon)I hope you enjoy the pics!

Check out my Slide Show!

I am a retard!! In January I came and set up an account but never did anything else on my blog and I just found it. I am so not blog savy! Anyway, I am so excited to have a blog and I will try to keep it updated. Me and Jon just returned from our Disney World trip. We had a blast! We both have never been so we loved the parks but, the best part was the Disney Cruise! I loved it! We went to Nassau in the Bahamas and did the craziest excursion ever.... We snorkeled with sharks (without the cage) It was the coolest thing we have ever done. We had a fabulous time and loved spending time together But, we missed Hayden so bad!