May 6, 2012


My little Noah...
Noah has become quite the funny guy lately.  He seriuosly cracks me up. 
 I am not even sure how to be a mother to him... because I just laugh.
I have to share some of the things he does.

Noah has been potty training for about 6 long months and I think he finally got it... However, the other day we were in the car and he said "mommy I smell pee" and he just kept repeating this. When we finally got to Target and got him out of the car he had peed his pants.

We took Hayden to taco bell around his birthday because he Loves the cinnamon twists they have. I told the boys that they couldnt have them until they ate thier tacos.  Hayden picked out a long very cinnamon one and told me to save it while he ate.  I continued eating my lunch when all the sudden noah slowly without me knowing snatched the one Hayden had called and ate it. As if that wasnt bad enough... He than had to tease Hayden by saying... Ha, Ha I got the very cinnamon one.
Hayden Cried!

We dont have a fence in our backyard yet, and it has been so nice lately.  The boys beg me to go out in the backyard all the time.  One night we had just finished eating dinner and me and Jon were still sitting at the table and the boys begged us to go outside.  We said sure, but of course gave them the lecture about not going in the street.  I waited a few minutes and peeked out the window to check on them.  What I saw?? Noah with one foot on the grass, one foot on the street.  Just waiting for me to notice. STINKER!

The other day we went to Chick-fil-a.  We had just finished and I told Noah to go and throw his drink away while I got sissy in her seat.  When I was near the door to leave, I couldnt find Noah.  After looking all around I spotted him up at the cash register.  He just went up by himself and asked the worker for a refill... I said "noah I told you to throw your drink away" he looks at me and says... But, my tummy was thirsty.  Sometimes I wonder if he understands that I am in charge and not him.

One last Noahism...
Noah LOVES doing the laundry with me.  In fact he gets mad at me if I start the washer without him knowing.  yes, he even cries.  He Loves to watch the washer.  I lift him up and let him sit on the rim of the washer and he will seriously just watch it.  Weird? YES! But, it keeps him in one spot for at least 10 minutes.

I Love you Noah! You seriouly are so funny! You can be such a stinker, but you totally know how to work me... I can get so mad and you know it.  So, you look up at me and say...
"Mommy, your the best mommy in the whole wide world"
How can I stay mad at that?

Oh, and he also Loves to blow dry his hair?? One, day jon was getting Noah out of the tub and I walked in and found this...

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Angela said...

The hair dryer is great. Now if we could just get him to talk around me so I could see all this funny-ness. Hmmmm.. More hang outs? I say yes.