May 21, 2012

9 Blissful Years

On May 16th we had our 9 year anniversary! Say what? Am I seriously even that old? We spent our anniversary weekend (the 16th was on a wed) on a "staycation".  Jon had his parents take the kiddos and we headed to the temple to do a session. Awesome... I'm always amazed at the salt lake temple.  And, am so so grateful I married my BFF and sweetheart there,  After, we headed over to city creek and went to the cheesecake factory and did some shopping.  I love you Jon! I love we have been married for 9 years and I still get giddy being able to have alone time with you.  I love how you still give me the butterflies, how you make me laugh (everyday), how you put up with me and never act annoyed even though im sure you are.  I love you are the daddy to my children, I love that I get to go to bed with you everynight... The list goes on and on.  But, most of all I LOVE knowing I can be your sweetheart for eternity! Happy Anniversary babe!

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Anna said...

Trust me he has an annoyed look. you just haven't seen it because nothing you do could possibly be as annoying as I was as a young little sister =)

Erika said...

9 years! Holy hannah that has gone fast. Congrats to you two!

Angela said...

No you are not that old! That is why I shook my head at the young 18 year old you were :-)