May 31, 2012

Hayden's kindergarten Graduation

May 31, 2012 was Hayden's last day of Kindergarten! I seriously cant believe how fast this school year went! I cant believe my baby will be in first grade! Hayden I am so so proud of you.  At the begining of the year at your kindergarten testing your teacher gave me a list of things you should learn this year and I was so stressed! But, I cant believe how smart you are.  You are reading on a second grade level, you read EVERYTHING! You can write full sentences, sound words out and so much more.  I will miss you so much when you go to first grade but, you are so ready for it. 
Your cute class did a fun year end program and I cried my eyes out.  You sang your favorite song from Kindergarten... Witch's Brew! I sobbed.
Hayden, We are so proud of you! We love you more than you'll ever know.
Thanks, for being such a great example to your little brother and sister.

P.S It was pajama day... That's why he is wearing jammie pants!
 (I know what you were thinking)

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Anna said...

I was thinking, "How in the world did you get him to wear PJ's out in public!" =) Yay Hayden!